Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Flood damage to downstairs ceiling

This customer accidentally left the water running in their upstairs bath tub which flooded their house. The water flooded the bathroom, hallway and three bedro... READ MORE

Kitchen ceiling collapse

This customer knew they had a major problem when water started coming through their Kitchen ceiling, due to a broken pipe upstairs. The water went down inside ... READ MORE

Water Damage Inside the Walls

This customer had a water line break in their attic, which caused water to run down inside their walls. The water caused the latex paint to detach from the dry... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen

These series of photos illustrate a water damage from a broken water line upstairs that came down into the Kitchen below. The water flooded the Kitchen and soa... READ MORE

Leaking Water Heater

These pictures show a broken water heater line in a Garage. The water sprayed from the water pipe onto the drywall, then flooded the cabinets and floor. The lea... READ MORE

Water Damage from Broken Pipe

A customer had a water line fail in their Kitchen causing water to damage the flooring, walls and baseboards. The SERVPRO professionals completely removed all f... READ MORE