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All In Four Steps To Reduce Water

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

Unexpected things happen and we've all experienced something unexpected sometime or another. In the same vein, water damage happens. It's not a matter of If, but When. We all need to be prepared when it does strike. Follow these 4 steps and lessen the damage of water.  

Cut Off the Source:

Take for example a toilet overflowing. You come home to find water all over the bathroom. The first thing you may want to do is clean it up, but we'll get to that part later. Shut the water off to the toilet first. Now, no more water can cause damage. If the source isn't an appliance like a toilet, find the shut off valve to the house and turn that off.

Preserve Your Home: 

Now, if the extent of the water is small enough, you can proceed to clean up the water. Rags, mops, & buckets will be useful. You may need to move around furniture to prevent damage. Sewage water should be left alone to prevent further contamination to other parts of the home. 

Contact Remediation Company:

Water often causes unseen problems like Mold. To the naked eye we may have dried and cleaned everything. However, under the surface various materials can still be wet. Whether the extent of the water was minor or major, contact a Water Remediation Company. The situation can be assessed by professionals and tested with specialized technology.

Do Not Panic:

Lastly, don't panic. It may be hardest thing to do on this list, which is understandable. Panicking may cause us to make decisions we might regret. We don't want to remove any flooring or carpeting. When all seems lost, professional restoration experts can restore items such as flooring and carpet.  If walls are opened, possible exposure to lead and/or asbestos could result.

Dishwasher Leak? What Do I Do?-11049

Water damage happens, don't be caught off guard when it does. Follow these 4 steps to help minimize the damage and help ease the restoration process.

Our dishwashers are an appliance we depend on every single day.  They simplify our lives and they are something most families in San Diego use day in and day out. But like most appliances, they need a little bit of TLC to continue to function properly.

It all starts with dishwasher installation. If your dishwasher is not installed correctly, this is where major issues can begin.  And sometimes, due to the way the dishwasher is installed, you may not know a slow leak is occurring.

If your appliance hose cracks or loosens, hundreds of gallons of water can be seeping into your floors and walls.

Our certified technicians are on-call 24/7/365 to extract water for you, place drying equipment, and walk you through the entire process

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